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Our products are seasonal. You can filter through the product list to see what is offered during each season (subject to change). If you have any questions or want to verify what is currently available, please contact Tom at 614-496-7245.

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Edible plants for the landscape
Almond - Hall's Hardy
Apples - Fugi, Granny Smith, Red and Yellow Delicious, Honey Crisp
Asparagus - Purple and Green
Black Berry - Navaho Thornless
Blackberry - Arapaho Thornless
Blueberry - Bluecrop, Blueray, Jersey, Duke
Edible Flowers - Dianthus, Calendula
Elderberry - Adams and York
Horseradish -roots
Nursery Plants -Edible and Pollinator plants for the landscape
Pawpaw - (American Banana), custard like fruit
Pecan - Hardy Northern, nuts
Pinks - Cottage Mix, edible flowers
Raspberries - Joan J Red Thornless
Serviceberry - Juneberry, pies, fresh eating
Viburnum - Wentworth Cranberrybush
Walnut - Black, Carpathian English
Anise Hyssop - mint/licorice flavor, flowers for salads, teas
Bergamot (Wild Beebalm) - tea
Bodegold Chamomile -tea
Catmint -tea, potpourri and kitty's favorite
Chives - Chinese and Garlic, salads and condiments
Coneflower - Purple, root mix, medicinal
Creeping Thyme - Ground cover, seasoning
Dill - Dukat, cooking, pickling
Fennel - salads, condiments and cooking
Fresh Cut Herbs - Basils,Parsleys, Borage, Mints, Dill, Tarragon, Thymes, Fennels and more
Hyssop - seasoning, oils and honey
Lavander - Hidcote Blue
Lavender - Grosse, Hidcote, Munstead; used for oils, beauty products, cleaning, medicinal and beverages
Lemon Balm - teas
Lemon Balm - teas
Oregano - Italian and Greek, condiment
Peppermint - oils, flavoring, medicinal
Rosemary - Arp; oils, seasoning, upright grower, needs winter protection
Rosemary - seasoning, oils
Sage - Garden, cooking
Spearment - Kentucky Colonel, beverages, mixed drinks, oils
Spearmint - beverages, mixed drinks
St. Johnswort -powerful medicinal
Tarragon - French, salads, best used fresh
Tarragon - French, salads, best used fresh
Thyme - Garden, Winter - cooking
Non-edible plants for the landscape
Arnica - Leopard's Bane, medicinal, good pollinator
Baby's Breath - bouquets
Balloon Flower - Florist Blue
Black Eyed Susan - Indian Summer
Blackeyed Susan - Goldstrum, great pollinator, blooms spring to frost
Blanket Flower - Arizona Sun, Red Shades, Apricot
Blue False Indigo - uesd for making blue dye
Butterfly Bush - Nanho Blue, butterfly magnet
Butterfly Weed - (Asclepias tuberosa), food source for Monarch and Queen Butterflies
Coneflower - Cheyenne Spirit, mixed colors
Coneflower - PowWow White
Coneflower - PowWow Wild Berry
Coneflower - Prairie Splendor
Coneflower - Starlight Purple
Coneflower - White Swan
Coneflower - Yellow
Coneflower- Prima Donna, attracts birds and butterflies
Germander - used for potpourri and knot gardens
Japanese Tree Peony - Pink, Red, Purple, White, Yellow
Joe Pye Weed -great pollinator
Milkweed - Soulmate, Milkmaid, food source for butterflies
Shasta Daisy - Alaska, Dwarf Snow Lady
Tickseed - Early Sunrise
Yarrow - Summer Pastels, pinks,lavanders and whites
Vegetables and Fruits
Asparagus - Purple and Green
Cabbage - Green and Red
Carrots - Atomic Red, Danvers, Yaya, Yellowstone, Purple Dragon, Rainbow
Cucumbers - Fanfare, Iznik and more
Green Beans - Blue Lake and Jade 2
Jerusalem Artichokes
Kohlrabi -Purple
Looseleaf Lettuce - Mesclun Blend, Simpson Elite, Sweet Repeat Blend and Baby Leaf Salad
Mustard Greens
Okra - Heirloom Red, edible flowers
Onions - Candy, Copra and Red Hybrids
Parsnips - Panache
Peppers - Sweet, Bell, Jalopena, Poblano and more
Potatoes - Russets, Reds, Whites and Golds
Rhubarb - Queen Victoria
Salad Greens - Arugulas, Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard, Spinaches
Snap Peas - Avanlanche (edible pods), Sugar Ann
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
Tomatoes - Cherries, Grapes, Heirlooms and Hybrids